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  • Who’s Yo Momma?

    Who’s Yo Momma?

                I heard about this scientist. He said to God. “We no longer need you. We can clone people, do heart transplants, and do many miraculous things.” God said, “That’s fine. But to prove you don’t need me, let’s say we have a man-making contest. The only rule is you have to make man out… Read more

  • God is a Miracle Worker!

    God is a Miracle Worker!

                Moses saw many great miracles during his life. He did such great work by following the Lord. One miracle that I find amazing happened at a time when he was unaware. He was a young baby, and a King has risen to be the ruler of Egypt. He inflicted hard labor on the Israelites… Read more

  • Who Was Bezalel in the Bible?

    Who Was Bezalel in the Bible?

                In Basketball, a word you will hear often is underrated. This is used to describe a player who is often overlooked or underappreciated. When we think of the Bible we have a lot of people whom I would consider in this category. One of them is a man name Bezalel.             Bezalel was the… Read more

  • Is Calvinism Biblical?

    Is Calvinism Biblical?

    Nope. Read more

  • Is It True That God Cannot Look upon Sin?

    Is It True That God Cannot Look upon Sin?

                When studying the Bible, we may come across some verse that are difficult to understand. One of these verses is Habakkuk 1:13 which reads, “Your eyes are too pure to look on evil, and You cannot tolerate wrongdoing. So why do You tolerate those who are treacherous? Why are You silent while one who is wicked… Read more

  • Who Was Melchizedek?

    Who Was Melchizedek?

    Have you ever watched a movie where a character in the story appears for a moment? You don’t think this person is significant but later this character plays an important role in the movie. This is what takes place with Melchizedek. The New Testament talks more about him than the Old Testament does. The first… Read more