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  • What’s Next After Easter?

    What’s Next After Easter?

    Now that Easter is over, what’s next? Jesus died and rose again now what does that mean for us today? How can we live the life God wants us to live?             Because of the Resurrection we have joy. We can live in celebration of what God has done for us. Image the peace the… Read more

  • Not by Might, Not by, Strength, But by theSpirit

    Not by Might, Not by, Strength, But by theSpirit

    A man drives to the local mall. He has been driving around and around for quite some time, struggling to find a parking space. “Lord,” he prays. “I can’t stand this. If you open a space up for me, I swear I’ll give up the drink and go to mass every Sunday.” Suddenly, the clouds… Read more

  • Don’t be Afraid of the Holy Spirit

    Don’t be Afraid of the Holy Spirit

    Some believe that if they follow the Holy Spirit they will start acting funny, loose control, fall down on the ground, or start speaking in tongues. We must remember that when we are led by the spirit we are asking the Holy Spirit to control us. One time my cousin Austin and my family went… Read more

  • What Makes a Great Church?

    What Makes a Great Church?

                What make a great Church? What should you be looking for in a Church? To understand the Church we must first understand the reason for it. I believe there are three main reasons for a Church, to love God, reach the lost and encourage the believer. Every Church mission, vision, and purpose statement can… Read more

  • What is the Meaning of the Prayer Shawl?

    What is the Meaning of the Prayer Shawl?

    What is the meaning of a prayer shawl? Should we be using one today? I believe there is a lesson in this item that is relevant for today. During the old covenant the prayer shawl was a fringe garment worn by the men on top of their regular clothes. They would typically wear this in… Read more

  • Should Church be Less Emotional?

    Should Church be Less Emotional?

                How can we understand emotion in the Christian Life? I don’t believe Jesus was an emotionless man. When Jesus left His disciples, He told them, “My joy I leave with you” (John 15:11). If Jesus was not a happy man, then the Disciples would have likely rejected Jesus’ offer of joy. We also should… Read more