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Below are some testimonies about how this message (CWG) has blessed them.

This is a SAFE site, I appreciate the time & effort to create it. – Richard Gamel

Hi Caleb,
great to read a blog that doesn’t mix in a bit of the old covenant (just to be safe), keep up the great work. – Graeme

awesome! awesome! awesome! – savedbygrace

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  1. Dear Brethren,
    this is pastor Kennedy mose from kisii kenya.i blessed for the
    opportunity to contact you hoping and trusting you are all doing well
    in Christ.I am leading a young fellowship and we have been in
    operation for two years.we haven’t been connected with any ministry
    /church and we have been praying for the revelation and now as i was
    reading your website i got that we share the same faith and prayed
    requesting to be one your brothers from here our nation.waiting for
    your response soon.
    pastor kennedy mose


  2. Hello. I am Faheem Qaiser from Pakistan. I am a translator for Urdu, Arabic and Hindi languages.
    I can translate books, articles, sermons, audios, videos recording,animation videos etc.
    If you have any material that you need to get translated into Urdu,Arabic and Hindi languages to spread here for people, please write me an email or you can call me here:

  3. Dear Pastor Caleb, thanks for the grace of God that is evidence upon your life. My name is Pas. Christian M Gbanea, from Liberia West Africa. I was greatly blessed by one of messages on LGBTQ, how I wish God would have you come to Liberia live with same grace. I look forward in partnering with you sir for the expansion of God’s work in our present generation. Thanks for the message.

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