The Church

What Makes a Great Church?

            What make a great Church? What should you be looking for in a Church? To understand the Church we must first understand the reason for it. I believe there are three main reasons for a Church, to love God, reach the lost and encourage the believer. Every Church mission, vision, and purpose statement can be summarized in this, “Love God, Love People, and make Disciples.” Each church is different in their vocabulary and culture but those are the cornerstones.

            We go to Church to honor God. I love to be goofy and laugh with believers, but the main part of Church is not to laugh but to encounter the presence of God. Emotion will be included. In fact if you are never emotional about God, you may need to check your heart.

            A great church is where the Bible is taught properly. Everyone believes they have the correct doctrine, but not everyone has perfect theology, only Jesus does. Some preachers will just never be whom God wants you to be under. For me, I am aware that my preaching style is not for everyone and we have to know that God has a group for us to reach. A great church is going to teach you why you should believe what you believe.

            Organized religion is great because it sure is better than disorganized religion. Whether we like it or not, church is a religion. Now I don’t necessarily identify as that but we are defined by that because of culture. It’s good to have structure because God is not the author of confusion.  I’d rather have structure than none at all. Yes we should move by what the Holy Spirit tells us, but we cannot use that as an excuse for not getting prepared for Sunday.

            A great church should be where God guides you. No one can override your relationship with God. You must follow and go to the place God want you to be in. You also should not let yourself decide. In other words, don’t choose a church because you think it’s best for you. It should be because God wants you there. Take time to pray and ask God to guide you and your family.

            The early church gathered together to break bread together. They would have communion every Sunday. We gather on Sunday because it is a reminder that Jesus rose from the dead and is now alive with us. Have the, “I want to go to Church” attitude. There is nothing better than gathering together with believers to love God.

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