God Called Ezekiel. God Is Calling You.

            The book of Ezekiel has some very interesting parts to it. He is an exilic prophet which means he was a prophet during the exile. This provided for a unique time to minister. It must have been so hard to be a preacher prophet during one of the harder times of the nation of Israel. One of the more interesting parts of the story of Ezekiel is that he was called to be a prophet when he was five years old. How amazing. God sees not where you are. God sees where you can be!

            He did a lot of great things for God. He spoke out about the judgment on Judah and the nations. Another thing he talked about was the restoration and future of Judah. Some people talk about numbers having meaning, I think there is validity of these numbers. Five can be understood as the number of grace. So there are five visions that Ezekiel had. God blessed Ezekiel and gave him His favor.

           In one of my classes at the College of Biblical Studies, Dr. Steve Sullivan talked about how this book goes through about ten different acts and signs that were very dramatic. I’m sure that during his life, the some in Israel may have said, “What is Ezekiel doing today?” They may have looked over at his house and were curious to see what would happen. He showed so many different signs and even used a brick in chapter four. God worked through the life of Ezekiel to accomplish His will.

            God called Ezekiel, and likewise God has a calling for us. Our life may not be the same as Ezekiels, but when we open our heart, the Lord will guide us. This book shows us even when there is darkness, we are called to shine the light of God.

           We have both a specific calling and we also have a general calling. Our general calling is to preach the gospel and spread the love of God. For our specific calling, we can do things that include our gifts and talents. Evaluating your gifts can be a great part of our Christian life. When we know our strengths, we can maximize our time and influence on this earth. I’m believing that God will supply us with the gifts we need. Take time to seek the Lord. Ask Him to help you to complete the general calling and also the specific calling. If God sends you, He will provide everything you need to accomplish that goal.

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