Is God Your Co-Pilot or Pilot? Who’s Got the Wheel?

Bumper stickers, they are easy to put on but hard to take off. While I love these adhesive labels, bumper stickers are infamous with having controversial things on them. One sticker that many people have talked about in the Christian circle is the, “God is My Co-Pilot” sticker. Some people like them, some people do not. Others have made a reversal sticker stating, “If God is Your Co-Pilot, You Should Switch Seats.” Back and forth they go, but which sticker is better?

One side of the table says that God should not be in the back seat, He should be leading the ship. The reality is that you write your own life story. You wake up and choose which way to go. Do you want an espresso, latte, or decaf? It is all up to you.

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There is a passage in the Bible where God spoke to the nation of Israel and said, ” I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants,” (Duet. 30:19). Notice we have a free will. Now if there had been no options, why ask? No God wants us to be wise about our decisions. He is our wisdom.

I love God’s end cap to this verse where He says, “So choose life” (Duet 30:19). God wants life for us. Christ is the leader of our life, but He does not choose every minuet detail in our day. Sometimes when you do not hear God’s voice in a certain decision, it could be that God trusts you to decide. God is similar to our GPS (global positioning system). He guides us in the best possible paths to take, but it is our decision to choose Christ.

Seek God on decisions. Yes, God is all-powerful, but He is not in absolute control of your life. He has allowed you to have freedom in this life. You have to decide to let the Holy Spirit guide you.

Ultimately this phrase is a figure of speech. It is interesting to think about but every person creates much of their life. You have pen in your hands, you are called to write your story. My message to you is this, allow Him to guide you in all of your decisions. Allow Christ to steal you in the right direction. Be the person God has called you to be. You hold the steering wheel in your hands. The answer is clear, choose life. Choose Jesus.

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