What Is Leadership?

  Remember back in the middle ages when they would use these catapults to launch things into the air. They would take these huge stones and fling them in the air to tear down walls or castles. These were amazing pieces of work because they would increase the armies range. To me, great leadership is similar to a catapult. As believers, we are called to launch people into their destinies. People are looking for Godly leaders, and God wants us as believers in Christ to step up to the plate and become leaders in our community.

  God calls us to be great leaders. I believe that leadership is the encouraging, guiding, and empowering of an authority figure. It is not about being in a position, but it is about being an influencer. Without influence, there is no leadership. So what are some other qualities of a leader?

  Leaders are followers. We are called all called to be a follower of Jesus. Only when we follow Christ will we be able to lead others. Paul once wrote, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1) (KJV). Paul explains how we are first a follower of Christ before we are a leader of men. It is Christ who is our example.

  Leaders are lifters. When you understand the power of great leadership, you will have the ability to lift people into places they never thought they could reach. It is not about simply ruling over people, but it is about encouraging people. As people go through the climbs of life, we are called to pull them up.

  What is leadership? Great leaders are followers of Christ. They are lifters. These are people who encourage others. They give their time and energy to push people forward. We are called to catapult people into their destiny. You are a leader.

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One thought on “What Is Leadership?

  1. clement NG

    DO everything to build each other UP in the most holy faith..

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