Let the King of Glory Come In!

The kingdom is all about, the King. A while back I was sitting in a service where someone came up to the front to give a word. They were very emotional and spoke in almost a demonic-like tone. They told the congregation, “You sit there smug in your pew (pointing at the congregation). Why don’t you worship Him?” As I look back I see that it was really all condemnation. Here people had made the effort to come to church and yet we condemn them? It seems like the devil gets people to condemn them for not only going to church, and then when they get to church they are condemned for sitting in church. Long story short our church began monitoring what words were being spoken out into the congregation. Thankfully later during that service my Mom got up and said, “Let the King of Glory come in.” Finally somebody said something good! Praise the Lord for Mommas! Here one person gave a message of condemnation that really had no substance, and then another person gave a word with life!

King Louie
King Louie (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)

This is what the church needs! It is time we let the King  (Jesus) come into the kingdom activities. Even evil kingdoms always have their king to lead them in things like war, why do we think it’s ok to leave the King of kings out?  For so long, we have told people, they must do, do, do. As believers, we don’t need to ask Jesus to come into our hearts, but we do need to ask Him to come into our sermons and worship music. Church has become too self-centered when it needs to be Christ-centered. Almost every time I turn on the television, it is about something bad that has happened. Many Christian worship songs are like the TV, it is all about self. I don’t know if it is just me or not but my sin does not make me want to worship. Remember when Adam sinned, he didn’t run to God with worship, no he ran away from God. The last thing on earth that helps me worship is thinking about myself. I believe it is time we brought the true King back into our sermons and songs!t this message is not about Jesus; this message is all about self. When the Church service is Christ-centered, you will have to get more chairs into the building because they will all want to hear one name, JESUS!

7 Lift up your heads, O gates,And be lifted up, O ancient doors,That the King of glory may come in!8 Who is the King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty,The Lord mighty in battle.9 Lift up your heads, O gates,And lift them up, O ancient doors,That the King of glory may come in!10 Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts,He is the King of glory. – Psalm 24:7-10


Now, many times people have this picture of Jesus waiting outside our hearts. Some people see Jesus as waiting on the outside knocking, but while this is true for the unbeliever (that Jesus is on the outside waiting to come into their life), it is not true for believers today. God does not come into our heart and then leave us when we sin. Didn’t the cross pay for that sin? I believe many times Jesus has been outside of many sermons and messages. We tend to focus on what we can do, to get the raise, or we focus on what we can do to get the healing. No, God wants our eyes on Christ and we need to put our faith in Him, instead of us.


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  1. Excellent word, Caleb, and it has ministered to me. When we focus on Jesus and lift Him up in our midst, the largest of problems becomes nothing…I’m learning more and more to keep my focus on Him, not the problems I face! Thanks for continuing to share a good word in due season!

    1. Thanks Charlene! Yes, when we focus on Jesus, we can walk on water! You are right. Time to change our focus off of our problems. 🙂

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