Can You Lose Your Salvation?

Before we unravel the title of this post, let me ask a question, “How does someone get saved?” I believe we can all agree that salvation is based upon two things.

1. Jesus’ punishment for our sins on the cross.
2. Us believing in Christ.

The first part has been complete, so now once someone believes in Christ they are saved. Amen, it is not Jesus’ death +our obedience + our law keeping that grant us salvation. It is Jesus’ payment, period. So, what sends people to hell then? Our sins send us to hell and nothing else. When a person has sinned that person is doomed for hell, but if that same person receives Christ’s payment for their sin that person’s sins are removed.

“as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” – Psalms 103:12

Once that payment has been made and sin is removed there is no other works to do, no other works to inherit eternal life. Now once sin is removed from the person that same person will make it to heaven and that is the beauty of the cross.

“But Caleb although Christ has been punished for my sins, if I sin, I will not make it to heaven.”

 Now if Christ has been punished for your sins and you receive it, God would be unjust to punish you for your sins and Jesus. It is called, “double jeopardy.” It is written in the U.S. constitution; it reads, “Nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

Double Jeopardy means a person cannot be tried or punished for the same offence twice. Now is God just? Yes, this means that He will not punish Jesus and us for our sins. This is liberating because when someone believes in Christ, God charges Jesus with all the punishment due to that person. Remember God is not in time; salvation is for anyone who receives Christ’s payment.

What if I sin after I receive Christ?”

You will receive NO punishment. God would be unjust to punish you and Jesus for your sins. Either you pay for your sins or Jesus pays for you sins.

Let’s think about the following:
3 A.D. – (or around then) Christ Paid for Your Sins
1972- George gets saved
1973 – George sins

As we can see, all of George’s sins were future when Jesus died and made the payment, so why do Christians think that if I sin after the I accept Jesus, my sins have not been paid for? We have to realize that all of our sins were future when Christ died. If you claim you past sins were removed except for your future, you are acting as if you sinned before Christ came. Sin cannot tell Jesus you’re going to hell if Jesus is telling your sins that you are going to Heaven!

Remember that it is hard to cover this entire subject in one post. So I pray that you seek out the scripture and see the truth that Jesus has secured your salvation!


For more information on this subject, I encourage you to check out Joseph Prince’s message on this, and if you click this link below, it will take you to the website to get the CD.


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  1. One thing that I think should be touched upon is that I think one may not “lose” their salvation, but I think one can consciously give it up. Meaning, what happens if someone who is a Christian loses their faith and begins to act and do things against God, knowing exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it?

  2. Hi Caleb,
    great to read a blog that doesn’t mix in a bit of the old covenant (just to be safe), keep up the great work. Graeme

  3. awesome! awesome! awesome!

    add this, “but people say, God is judge and justice”

    my answer “God judged all our sins, God is justice when He saved us by Jesus’ death – paying for our sins. now that is real justice”

    – grace and peace

    1. Amen! Too many time people have the idea that grace is great but God will still judge us. When the truth is, like you said, “God judged all our sins!”

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