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How Can We Hear the Voice of God?

How can we hear the voice of God? When we, as Christians, talk about our faith, we talk about how it is a relationship not simply a religion. In a relationship, communication is vital. In our daily life, we should be communicating with God. We should be speaking to Him, and we should be seeking His voice. This is a good healthy relationship with God.

            Although it would be great to hear the audible voice of God, today God is speaking through the inner man. He is speaking through the still small voice, the Holy Spirit. When we pray, we are to do many things. We are to speak to God, ask for God to fix a situation, give thanks for something, worship God, pray for others, pray for God’s will to be done, and we are also to be quite before God.

Fishing and Hunting have something in common, it is typically done in the morning or at night. This time of fishing and hunting is great for those who love the peace and quiet. Just the sound of nature can remind us that God is good.

            When someone needs to make a turn on the road, they typically lower the volume of the radio. This is because when we have too much noise, it can be difficult to think properly. When we lower the outside noise, we can hear our own thoughts clearly. In the same way, we need to take time to go in the morning to hear from God.

            Jesus would typically be found in the Garden of Gethsemane. He did this before anyone was awake. This was Jesus’ quiet time with God. We all need to take a quiet time where we listen to Word of God. We need to seek the Lord with a full heart to just be in His presence.

            The man who anointed David the great giant killer was the Prophet Samuel. When Samuel was young, he heard the voice of God as he was lying down to sleep in the temple of the Lord. God spoke when Samuel was resting and in the house of the Lord. Rest can give us revelation.

            Have you ever had your best thoughts at nighttime? Have you ever been in a shower and were able to think clearly more than earlier in the day? This is because our minds need rest as well. When there is peace, we can see and be more observant. When there is rest, we can receive revelation. Yes God can speak at anytime and anywhere, but when we pray before we leave for work, we are inviting God into our day. You don’t have to have a four hour prayer service to hear God’s voice, you can just take a few moments to speak to the Lord and ask him to guide you.

Worship music can be great, but I have noticed the best music for prayer is when there is no lyrics. This allows for the spirit to just speak to us. Yes you can turn on a worship song, but I challenge you this week to turn on an instrumental/karaoke version of your favorite worship song. Position yourself to hear from the Lord create time to hear from God.

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