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7 Reasons to Read, “The Christian Left”

            Lucas Miles is a trusted voice in the American church who addresses challenging topics in theology, politics, and culture. He hosts Faithwire’s The Lucas Miles Show and cohosts The Church Boys podcast. He has also written Good God: The One We Want to Believe In but Are Afraid to Embrace. He is also the Pastor of Nfluence Church. Lucas and his wife, Krissy, reside in Granger Indiana.

I have been blessed to be a part of a monthly Zoom Meeting with Pastor Lucas and other grace Pastors around the United States. Pastor Lucas has a great calling on his life. I have been honored to speak with him and I enjoy our group conversations about the goodness of God. After this past year, I have prayed for this Nation and sought a desire to see the Church stand for Christian values. I believe that God has placed this book in Lucas’ heart to open the eyes of many Christians who have been led astray by Leftist doctrine.

This book is a great read because of seven reasons:

1. It’s Credible.

This book has many great recommendations from former Pastor Mike Huckabee, Hercules himself (Kevin Sorb), the actor Stephen Baldwin, to the Pillow Man (Mike Lindell).

2. It’s What the Church Needs

After the 2020 Election it was apparent to me that some believers just don’t have a strong conviction on key political positions. This is really sad. Lucas addresses many key topics such as abortion, the LGBT community, and Trump. God wants to Lord of our life not just in the area of our personal life, He wants to be our Lord when we vote as well. This doesn’t mean that your Pastor should be always talking about politics, but eventually these topics will come up. It is important for the church to be informed.

3. You Will Get Free Superpowers

Superman is one of the greatest superheroes of all time. One of his abilities is his eyes. Superman can see through walls through is X-ray vision. This can help him if he is looking for a bomb or something that could bring harm to others. In this Book, Lucas helps our eyes to see through the trojan horse of the Democratic Party.

Lucas wrote, “Unlike the wooden horse that invaded Troy, this modern-day Trojan horse has been constructed with the deceptive lumber of superior morality, elevated knowledge, superior ‘love,’ and holy language that calls into question anyone who disagrees with the Left’s proposed moral stances. After all, who can argue that the church shouldn’t be involved in caring for the poor, offering free healthcare for the sick, or welcoming the stranger from a foreign land?”

4. God > Gov

            We have to remember that This reminds us to go to the Bible for answers not the government. When we get this in our heart, we can see things clearly. Yes we should do what we can to help others, but the Government is not the solution for the world’s problems, God is. Lucas said, “But instead of looking to Jesus and the Bible for answers, the emerging Christian Left began seeking a new bedfellow to increase the reach of its message: the state.”

5. It is Practical

I’ve stepped my foot into some political conversations and Twitter discussions. I can relate to the condemnation of the Left. They want to easily call us bigoted or homophobic because we hold to God’s definition of marriage. I enjoyed his conversation about the situation with Chris Pratt and the false accusation that Christians hate the LGBT community.

Lucas addresses much of this. Here is an example from his book…

See if you recognize these common lines of thought from the Christian Left:

● Jesus accepts everyone.

● Jesus would never get in the way of the love between two people.

● Jesus was a refugee.

● Jesus accepts foreigners and strangers.

● God doesn’t create walls that prevent us from coming to him.

● People need to live their truth.

● Some people are just born gay (or bi or transgender).

● A real Christian accepts everyone.

By using arguments like this the Left has systematically hijacked Christian and conservative themes in order to validate the libertinism and moral erosion that the Left not only embraces but also desires to force.”

6. Contains Good Theology for a Political Book      

My favorite illustration in his book is the Buoy Illustration on page 34. You will have to buy the book to find out what it is! I’m glad to see some good Theology in this book. Lucas wrote, “This is why it is paramount that we recognize the dangers of the sovereignty doctrine, which forces us to reject the biblical concepts of free will and embrace a socialistic view of God—namely one that demonstrates and enforces favoritism (either good or bad) would be impossible without purposely considering (or favoring) each and every individual…If God were in control the way that most entertain it, handing out circumstances…There exists a deeply related parallel between Socialism and sovereignty—the same spirit…Said another way, the temptations facing the church are to believe that salvation can be acquired through entitlement (stones into bread), self-righteousness (throw yourself down), and universalism (acquiring the kingdoms of the earth).”

7. Future Audiobook

It will have an Audiobook. I’m very happy that Lucas is recording an Audiobook. This is the primary way that I read books.


The Christians Left is a great read because it reminds us that Government is not the answer to the world’s problems, God is. May we begin to see the need to have God lead us and direct us. Not only do we need Him in our everyday life but also in the way we vote. I believe the color of the book is the right choice because this book is on fire!

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