People Remember How You Make Them Feel

            John C. Maxwell once said, “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” Most people walk away from a conversation not thinking about what you said but remembering how you made them feel. For instance, have you ever walked out of Church and had someone at the restaurant say, “What did ya’ll talk about in Church today?” When you hear this, you may get a blank mind. We may not be able to remember some said immediately but we will remember how we felt. We can usually respond with sincerity by saying, “Yes man Worship was great! I could really feel God’s presence”. When have a proper understanding of God’s attitude towards us, we can live life better.

            Your feelings are important. God’s feelings are also important. Throughout the life of Jesus, we can read about how He was filled with amazement, tears, anger, joy, compassion, and love. If you believe in Christ, God is filled with joy when He thinks about you. He appreciates the work that you do and the people you help. Remember that our calling is to preach the word. When we do this, God is pleased. God’s love for us is not based upon our works it is based upon the Jesus’ fished work on the cross. Yes, there will be times where we hurt God or when He does get upset with us when we sin. I like what Andrew Wommack always says, “God’s not mad, He’s not even in a bad mood.”

The Bible says, “20 The one who understands a matter finds success, and the one who trusts in the Lord will be happy. 21 Anyone with a wise heart is called discerning, and pleasant speechincreases learning. (Proverbs 16:20-21) (HCSB). These Scriptures are important for us to know because it reminds us that it is not always what we say but it about how we say it.

Discipleship is a key to spiritual growth. It is important to find mentors in the Church that you can look up to. Having a Father figure in your life is what God wants all of us to have. This is His design. In my experience women are more connected to their emotions than men are. Woman are emotional beings while a man is more driven by logic and reason. In the midst of this I want to remind you that emotions do play a part in evangelism. When we are ministering the gospel, it is good for person listening to us to hear our heart. We can do this by what Proverbs 16:21 tells us, “pleasant speech increases learning.” This does not mean we just say whatever we think will make them feel good. We still preach the truth to them. It is this balance of love and truth that brings out the best in a message. Paul told the Church Ephesus that we are to be, “speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15). One of the ways we do this is through our tone. Next time you go to Church feel God’s presence. This happens when we seek after God. When we pray we can know that God listens.


  1. “It is this balance of love and truth that brings out the best in a message.” What a resounding truth, Pastor! Thank you for this reminder!

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