Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

This is one of those topics that causes a lot of disagreement. Like all things we must seek the Lord and ask God to give us wisdom. I like what Marc Driscoll said about this holiday, “We have the choice to receive it, reject it, or redeem it. “

It really depends on what you mean by this. What are we defining as celebrating Halloween? If by celebrating the day you mean: dressing up in a costume, going door to door asking for candy, or going to an event during this time. Does this effect your conscience? If so, don’t do it. For my heart, I don’t see anything wrong with doing those three things. Should you let your kid wear something demonic or inappropriate? No. Is it ok for your kid to wear a fun costume? Absolutely, but remember we don’t have to dress up as Billy Graham either. 

Also, having a pumpkin in your home does not bring demons into your house. Pumpkins were made by God. Satan does not own God’s creation; he can only twist it. If by celebrating the day you mean: having graphic ghost images, playing a Ouija board, or anything demonic, then I encourage you not to do those things.

Some say that we should not be a part of it because Halloween does not glorify God. Yet many things we do, are not directly glorifying God. Now remember it is a pagan holiday in it’s history. If we go against Halloween solely on the basis that it is pagan, then we will probably need to stop celebrating other holidays as well. Some argue that Christmas has pagan roots, but this doesn’t cause me to stop putting up Christmas lights. I celebrate Christmas not for the reasons of its origin but of what it means to me now. Jesus probably wasn’t born on December 25th, but that is ok with me. I take the day to celebrate the birth of Christ. With any holiday ask yourself, “What does this holiday mean to me now?”

            The Bible isn’t going to give you a direct yes or no answer to this question because they didn’t have this during their time. The Bible is absolutely clear that witchcraft, sorcery, and the occult are evil. We should draw the line there. I like what one sign said, “The only ghost in my house is the Holy Ghost!” I believe there is a balance. Satan doesn’t own October 31st.  

Having church events on that day is not compromising the gospel. It can be a good alternative. Halloween is the one day of the year where people are knocking on your door. No other time does the mission field show up to your house. If you decide to give them candy, invite them to your church as well.

            This decision is up to you. You as a Christian have the liberty to decide how to act. Let’s major on the majors and minor on the minors. For me I don’t believe in receiving or rejecting the holiday completely. I see benefits and drawbacks to the day. We do have an opportunity to reach the lost, and on the other hand we have a lot of satanic influences. What do we do? Redeem the day.

Here is my suggestion, do something as an alternative. When I was growing up, we went go-carting. There is really nothing better than defeating a witch or zombie in a go-cart race. Also talk to your kids about the dangers of the demonic realm. Pray and worship the Lord that day. Go to a Church Fall Festival, trunk or treat event, or something like that. Christians can have fun too. Do your research, protect your kids from evil, and don’t sin against your conscience. We as believers in Christ must not allow minor differences disrupt the unity of the congregation. We are called to love God and people on all days of the year.

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