What Causes the Holy Spirit to Be Happy?

I had traveled over a thousand miles for this moment. My mind was filled with anticipation. Yes, there I was about to meet my role model. What was I going to say to Him? What words could I say to thank him? As we walked in joy lit on my face as I met my hero. I can still hear his words as he said, “Uuuuuuur Ahhhrrrr Aaahghh…” Yes, I had just met Chewbacca. It was the highlight of my trip to Disney World. Meeting people can be very exciting. When I think about this, I am reminded of when the Holy Spirit met an Italian family in the Bible.

Jesus had already gone to the Cross, was raised to life, and ascended to Heaven. Jesus talked about how the Holy Spirit would arrive and be with them forever. Cornelius, an Italian centurion, had invited his friends and family to hear Peter preach in his house. Peter began to preach and tell them about Christ, and in the middle of his sermon the Holy Spirit was so excited that he stopped the sermon! This was what Peter was saying, “Of Him all the prophets bear witness that through His name everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins.” While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who were listening to the message.” (Acts 10:34-48 NASB).

After the Holy Spirit fell, everyone went to the water and got baptized. This word for, “fell” is the Greek word, “epipipto” which means to give a love hug. This was the same word used to describe how the father of the prodicle son ran and hugged him. Even though the son had spent all of the father’s inheritance, the father ran towards his son and embraced him.

When the book of Acts explains this family’s salvation story, we can see how happy God was. The Holy Spirit was so excited about what Peter was saying that he stopped the entire message and hugged all the people.

In the book, “Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus” Sprangler and Tverberg explain, “Consider the words of the early rabbis, who said; ‘When two sit together and exchange words of Torah, then the Divine Presence dwells among them.’ Now listen to the words of Jesus: ‘Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them’ (Mathew 18:20).” Whenever they would open up the Scriptures they wrote down how they could feel the presence of God. Whenever we sit together and study the Bible, God gets so happy. Today we have the Holy Spirit with us constantly. I believe that what Jesus was explaining was that there was significance when gather together and listen to God’s Word.

Just as we can get excited when we meet a celebrity of hero, God gets excited as well. When someone gets saved, all of Heaven rejoices. What was Peter preaching that made the Holy Spirit so happy? What causes the Holy Spirit to move? What causes anointing to take place in Church? The preaching of the forgiveness of sins. While Peter was telling them that, “everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins” the Holy Spirit fell. When we believe in Jesus, we automatically receive the forgiveness of our sins. Remind yourself daily of what God has done for you. Remember how you have been made forgiven, righteous, and whole because of the Cross. When you know your identity in Christ, God is happy!

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