How to Spot Counterfeit Theology

Think about bank tellers for a minute. They go throughout their day handling large amounts of cash. How do they know if they have received a counterfeit bill? They know the original so well that when a false hundred-dollar bill is received, they can recognize it. They will know if It doesn’t feel or look the same. The best way to spot a fake bill is to know the real stuff.

This is similar to how we should view the gospel. The best way to detect a false truth is to know the correct one. Now many people have the idea that they need to be, “watchmen” for the gospel. Some even call themselves, “whistleblowers” for the Lord. They make this their prime focus. They try to spot out every false teacher and show people how they need to avoid such teaching. And yes, we are to be aware of false doctrine but that should never be nighty percent of the message. We are to teach the Word and cause them to know the truth. When people are shown the truth, they will be able to spot the counterfeit.

Did you know that in the movie, “The Empire Strikes Back,” Darth Vader actually never says, “Luke, I am your father”? Instead he says, “No. I am your father.” Why do I know this? Because I have studied this and watched this movie over and over again. I know the authentic and can spot a fake.

Yes, there are times when false teaching needs to be addressed, but it should never be the entrée. Even in spiritual warfare the Bible gives us more defensive weapons than offensive weapons. Many people are ready to attack any false teaching they don’t agree with. Out of the seven items of the armor of God, the sword of the spirit is the only one that is offensive.

Just as bank tellers study authentic cash day by day, so are we to study God’s word. God wants us to be in a place of rest. When we don’t know what to do, we are to rely on His strength. How do we tell the difference between the real gospel and a false gospel? Study the authentic. It will change your life.

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