I’m Starting A Church!

Ever since a young age I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to preach! I knew I wanted to pastor a church. I simply never knew where or when this would take place. Well today
I am pleased to announce that I am fulfilling my dream, I am starting a church!

After I got my bachelors degree, I began looking for a building to rent. Although there were some options, I was not at peace. Renting does not have the same value as owning your own facility. With Courage With Grace Ministries we had been setting aside donations to the ministry and been preparing since 2012. I’m sure glad the Holy Spirit guides us. It’s funny we always said that we were going to use the money for a building one day, and that is exactly what happened. We found a building on 2707 Ave. F. for sale. The price was very good and the location was right on the highway. We were able to get a loan for the building and that building became God’ property! What a miracle!

After 11 months of renovation, we are ready to launch. December 28th we received our Certificate of Occupancy with the City of Bay City. The Church will be called High Five Church. We plan on having a building dedication service on a Saturday. Then begin to have weekly
services on Sundays.

We will keep everyone updated as to the service times and schedules, so stay up to date. In life we have to follow our dreams. Please be in prayer for us as we follow ours. Thank you!

Below are some before and after photos




















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4 thoughts on “I’m Starting A Church!

  1. clement NG

    wOw!! PRAISE the Lord 🙂

  2. Charlene Elder

    Congratulations! Exciting times for 2017! Blessings to you, Caleb. You’ll be bringing the word of His grace to many.

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