Five Loaves Two Fish

  One day while Jesus was in a city, over five thousand people gathered around to see Him. In fact, when they counted they only counted five thousand men, so this account of the people in not including the woman and children. This was way more than five thousand.

  Now many people had traveled long distances to get a glimpse of Jesus. The Lord knew they would need to have food. Imagine five thousand people arriving at Bay City for an event. Our restaurants probably wouldn’t have enough food for them all.

  So a young boy came to Jesus and gave Him his five loaves and two fishes. Christ then took what the boy had and multiplied the food so that the entire group of people were too full to eat anymore. I love this story because it speaks about what God can do when we give him our abilities.

  Many people think that they do not have enough talent, but the truth is that when we place what we do have in the Lord’s hands, he can multiply it. As we stay Christ-conscious we will never feel a lack of talent, but the moment we make it about ourselves and our power, we begin to second guess everything. No my friend, God is the one who empowers us.

  Remember God blesses not only in quantity but also in quality. If you can paint, ask God to guide you on what to paint. If you work with carpentry, ask God to give you wisdom when you build.

  God is a multiplying God. Whatever your five loaves and two fish are, give it to God. Place your trust in Him. It doesn’t mean we pick up our painting and throw it up in the air and say, “Here God, I give this to you.” No this means that we seek the Lord and it shows that we trust in Him. It’s not about how much good our five loaves and two fish are, it is about how great our God is!

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