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Repentance – Change Your Mind about It

Have you grown up and been taught that if someone is crying at the alter, they did something bad? Or, how about, if they were at the alter a long time, they did something real bad! Search up the word repentance and you’ll find a picture of someone crying or on their knees. This meaning of repentance is in the Bible, but it is an Old Covenant repentance; we need to know the New Covenant repentance.

Today, we are under a completely different relationship with God. He has changed the covenants. The New way of repentance can be found in the Greek. Almost every time you find the word, “repent” or repentance,” you will find the Greek word “Metanoia.” Metanoia means “changing one’s mind.” The word Metanoia derives from two different Greek words.

1. Metá (μετά)
Metá means “To Change” it is used in words like metaphysics and metamorphosis. Metaphysics has to do with how the universe changes, and metamorphosis has to do with how an animal changes.

2. Noi (νόος)
Noi means, “Mind or brain.”

Repentance Definition

Put the two together and you get the Greek word for repentance which means, “To change your mind.” Metanoia doesn’t have anything to do with crying, asking for forgiveness, or confessing your sin; it has everything to do with changing your mind. Metanoia is like a light switch, I used to believe this way, now I believe differently.

Many people may wonder why I don’t preach on repentance. I think what they are saying is that I don’t preach it like they do. But the truth is that every time I teach, I am preaching it.  until your blue in the face, but if people do not turn from their sins and change their minds, have they really repented? I have taken a different route. I have chosen to preach on the goodness of God instead of just saying the word repent. I believe there are two ways to preach repentance.

1. Say the word repent: Yup, just yell it out, “repent!” The Bible says in Moses chapter 5:7 “Saying the word repent very loudly will cause people to repent.”

2. Preach the kindness of God: The more you preach the kindness of God, people will change their mind (repent).

Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance? – Romans 2:4

People see the works message as productive. They think the more they preach, “Do this, do that” then people will change their lives, but the Holy Spirit says, “Do not think less of the teachings of goodness of God. These teachings are the ones that lead people to truly repent!” We can not sway the pendulum so far that we leave out the goodness of God teachings. I believe we all need to turn away from our sins. But what will cause this? I believe it comes from changing your mind. Remember change your mind, change your life.

New Covenant repentance means to change your mind, Metanoia. Have you changed your mind about repentance? The more we teach Jesus’ finished work, people will turn to God! The more we preach God’s love, people will change their mind and realize they need a Savior.


Also, check out the strong’s concordance and view the word, “Metanoia.”

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  1. I think “repentance” is two fold, and can be looked at in both lights. I think it is still important to do the more “traditional” style of repentance – meaning asking for forgiveness, etc. But I always felt that that was only the first step of it – that true repentance is a change in your heart/actions/mind after that. Just saying the words or asking for forgiveness or being sorry isn’t enough, that you have to follow through with it, whether it be through study of the Word, a change of lifestyle, learning and growing from a sermon or a teaching, etc. But I do feel the first part is still important – it’s just not the only step as some would think.

  2. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back

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