Joseph Prince, he is one of the best teachers of our day because the bible backs him up! Check out,  Joseph has had a radical imprint on my life and ministry. I always try to get his monthly CD’s to listen to and enjoy Jesus. His messages are pack full of knowledge nuggets! One thing I love the most Is that he preaches the Old Testament probably 60% of his messages. This means that he explores the stories that we as normal believers struggle with. He has plenty of Books, CD’s, and DVD’s that will change your life. He is, by far, my favorite role model.

Andrew Wommack, he is a straight forward teacher. He’s simple and he provides tons of help for every area of your life. You can visit his site at I first learned about Wommack through my Grandmother.  She found Wommack and shared him and loved his teachings. I am so thankful for what he has done with his Bible College and ministry. His style of teaching keeps my traditions far away and the Bible very close. He is the real deal.

New Nature Publications was started by Ryan and Kylie Rufus in February 2009 with the purpose of flooding the nations with numerous and diverse grace resources. Check out New Nature is just one of the channels that God is and will use to invade the world with the powerful message of the gospel of grace. As this channel continues to open we will see an increasing release of creativity that flows through and out to the masses. This will include resources in the form of books, booklets, manuals, worship CD’s, teaching CD’s, DVD’s, and many other platforms as God releases creative initiatives and never before seen strategies coming straight out of the glory realm. New Nature seeks to flow with the ‘grace revolution’ that God is releasing across the planet and the rising tide of transformed lives that is swelling in the earth today.

Lucas Miles is a sought after writer, speaker, consultant, talent manager, and pastor. He has traveled to over 16 countries ministering the message of God’s goodness with people all around the world. He currently resides as the President of the Oasis Network For Churches, a radical grace based church planting and resourcing organization, as well serves as the senior pastor of Oasis Granger, which he and his wife, Krissy, planted in 2004. Lucas is the founder of the North American Grace Association. He commonly shares on TV, in churches, universities, and conferences throughout the United States and abroad. He lives with his wife, Krissy, of 10 years, in Granger, IN. Together, they share a passion to take the message of Jesus Christ to the world. You can visit his website at

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