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  • You have a New Name in Christ!

    You have a New Name in Christ!

    During the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, three men had to make a decision. In front of them stood a ninety-foot-tall idol made of gold. They were commanded to bow down and worship or be thrown into a fiery furnace. Maybe they were looking at each other and contemplating. Perhaps wondering what they should do next.… Read more

  • What is the Meaning of the Floating Axe Head in the Bible?

    What is the Meaning of the Floating Axe Head in the Bible?

                In 2 Kings there is a story about Elisha the Prophet. He was the prophet who got the double portion of anointing from Elijah. Elijah had a school of the prophets. And now Elisha was continuing to teach them. Elisha was teaching more of his disciples and they needed more room to stay in. They… Read more

  • You Matter to God!

    You Matter to God!

    G. K. Chesterton once said, “All men matter. You matter. I matter. It’s the hardest thing in theology to believe.” Out of all the things in life we must understand, the love of God needs to be at the top. That is really what we are called to do. Jesus at the young age of… Read more

  • Who was Jonathan in the Bible?

    Who was Jonathan in the Bible?

    Jonathan’s name in Hebrew means, “the gift of Jehovah” or, “Jehovah has given”. He was the oldest son of King Saul. The time of his life was around 1095-1056 B.C. Jonathan is most famous for his friendship with David.             David was appointed to be the next King by the Prophet Samuel. While Saul began… Read more

  • What can we Learn from the Golden Plate of the High Priest?

    What can we Learn from the Golden Plate of the High Priest?

                What we see in the old covenant is a shadow of what we have today. God made an effort to have Moses make specific garments for the High Priest. God went into great detail in Exodus 28 about how these should be made and worn. These were holy garments to be used only by… Read more

  • Who’s Yo Momma?

    Who’s Yo Momma?

                I heard about this scientist. He said to God. “We no longer need you. We can clone people, do heart transplants, and do many miraculous things.” God said, “That’s fine. But to prove you don’t need me, let’s say we have a man-making contest. The only rule is you have to make man out… Read more