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  • Can You Lose Your Salvation?

    Can You Lose Your Salvation?

    Before we unravel the title of this post, let me ask a question, “How does someone get saved?” I believe we can all agree that salvation is based upon two things. 1. Jesus’ punishment for our sins on the cross. 2. Us believing in Christ. The first part has been complete, so now once someone believes in Christ they… Read more

  • The Road to Emmaus (Commentary)

    The Road to Emmaus (Commentary)

    I was just working on a message about this, and I thought I’d share my thoughts on the Road to Emmaus Passage. This whole passage is about many things but 2 things that I want to point out. Redemption from the garden How to read the Old Testament The word Emmaus means “warm baths/ Hot… Read more

  • Are Christians Wicked?

    Are Christians Wicked?

    Songs bring up interesting topics. For instance, Desperation Band has a song that goes like the following, “I feel like a blind man in your sight, I know that I’m wicked in your eyes.” This song brings up an interesting conversation. Those that believe we are wicked bring up the fact that we are sinners because we… Read more

  • How to Grow up Spiritually

    How to Grow up Spiritually

    Glen Davis is a basketball player known for his nick-name, “Big Baby Davis.” According to the New York Post, “Davis was given his nickname when he was 9 years old by a youth league coach. At 5’6″, 160 pounds, he was too large to play pee-wee and played as a senior. He used to cry… Read more