Courage With Grace Officially Has A Podcast!

IMG_8560[1]We have some great news to announce. We have launched our first official podcast! This has been on my heart for a while now. Technology is there for us to use, and I believe that we can use it for the church as a whole. If people can make a podcast about sports, movies, and spaghetti, why not make one more about Jesus?

My goal is to use this as an avenue to teach. These will mostly be sermons, around thirty to forty-five minutes. I love comments, so feel free to ask questions that you would like answered on the show or on this blog. Remember podcasts actually have a rating system. If you could go on there and rate it five stars that would make my day. Thanks and spread the word!

Click the link below to be directed straight to it:

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2 thoughts on “Courage With Grace Officially Has A Podcast!

  1. clement NG

    awesome! praise the Lord, and thank you, brother Caleb 🙂

  2. shelley

    Love it! So excited about this! Great Job Caleb!

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